The Winery

During the early part of 2012 Gavilan Vineyards started to work with an old but completely renovated winery,
BODEGA IACCARINI. This winery was originally founded in 1903 and underwent a major renovation during 2009-2010 under the strict guidance of the French wine expert and consultant Michel Rolland. The Rolland Consulting group is also hired to oversee the winemaking process for the entire winery. Bodega Iaccarini is elaborating our wines since our 2012 vintages.

With the increase in our own production during the recent few years we needed a winery that could devote to us the attention that our wine deserves and requires. Having contracted with Bodega Iaccarini and their expert team we are totally confident in stating that our 2012 wine will be an excellent vintage.

While we continue to work with the team from Iaccarini and the Eno Rolland group we are also pursuing the idea of adding a small winery to our property. This small capacity winery will be largely dedicated to producing our Ultra Premium wine lines and will give our own Wine Estate owners the opportunity to make wine on-site. Therefore we are currently working with architects to design our very own winery that will be built at Gavilan within the boundaries one of the existing vineyards. With the general concept of eco-friendly construction, we are looking for designs that cater to this ideology.

The Wine Store:

The Wine Store at Gavilan Vineyards has completed construction but the opening date has not been set yet. The Wine Store will feature products that have been produced at Gavilan Vineyards. From the Gavilan Wine series to the wines made by our Wine Estate owners, as well as olives, oils, and some fine jams from the apricots and plums grown at Gavilan.

From the Tasting Room we will offer educational vineyard tours to tourists visiting the area. The Vineyard Tours will offer an insight into the first step of making great wine, i.e., making a great grape. Without a good grape you cannot make good wine!