Wine making in the past decades has turned into a science. There are positive side effects in that as well as negative ones. You can find many wines today made by winemakers to please a certain wine critic. If that critic prefers his wines structured a certain way the winemaker will make a wine in that style to get a favorable rating.
During this tailor-made wine making process there is one thing lost, the Big Picture of wine. Wine is made based on the best of the grape not a taste that one person prefers.

With the Big Picture we are going back to the roots of wine making. There is no oak aging in this wine. It is made solely for the joy of taste. Receiving its structure from the grapes not wood.

The Big Picture takes you back to when wine was made for the pleasure of wine. Not every year taste the same as the year before, since not every year is the same as the year before. In the pursuit of perfection most wines today have lost the most important thing: the Big Picture. We are bringing it back to you!


2011 Big Picture SOLD OUT
2012 The Big Picture SOLD OUT
2013 The Big Picture SOLD OUT
2014 Big Picture SOLD OUT
2015 no vintage
2016 no vintage
2017 no vintage



In recent years we have seen a trend that commercializes wine to taste the same no matter where they are from. The scoring system and few wine gurus have a full influence over what is considered good wine. Wineries have gauged the making of their wine to make a product that will conform to these limited ideas and tastes.

Gavilan Vineyards has taken on the task of making a premium line of wine by working with the grape characteristics and potential instead of molding tastes to the palate of a few.

Wine has to be enjoyed. Wine has to be experienced. Its taste should evoke feeling and memories in you, transport you to other places.

This wine is giving you a new perspective to red wine. It challenges your senses and leave you wanting more.

No vintage is the same. Each year we let the grapes decide what they want to become. From the aging process to what type of barrels will be used.

Perspective is not just a different grape varietal that has been forgotten in the Old World but “Perspective” is a whole different approach to winemaking.

2010 Perspective Grand Reserva (24mo in barrel) SOLD OUT
2012 Perspective Grand Reserva (36 mo in barrel) SOLD OUT
2013 Perspective Grand Reserva SOLD OUT
2014 Perspective Grand Reserva SOLD OUT