Gavilan Wine Estates

If your idea of paradise is to have your own vineyard, live in a villa nestled among the vines and have a spectacular mountain view but think it is a dream you will never be able to afford, think again. Gavilan Wine Estates offers a unique concept of owning your own vineyard in a full and secure environment with the benefits of a full vineyard operation on site.

The 14 exclusive estates have breathtaking views to the Andes Mountain range just outside of San Rafael. The highest peak of the Mountain range is over 22,600 ft high (6,700 mt), it is the Llullaillaco National Park. While the mountains outside of San Rafael are only 4500m high the view is still exhilarating.


The estates offer the possibility of a private vineyard, where your own grapes are grown and from which you can have your own exclusive brand of wine made. A private label.

While there are several vineyard estates offering vineyard living, only Gavilan Estates offers the expertise of our caretakers, who are in charge of the Gavilan Vineyard and who supervise your personal vineyard throughout the year. This truly means all the headache of owning and caring for your own vines is provided through experts with decades of knowledge on how to grow vines.

On your property you have the right to build your own house. Electricity is provided through underground power. We have various architects that will design your dream home. Your choice. The architect who has designed Gavilan is Orlando A. Migliassi, whose office in Santiago de Chile provides us with all drawings and construction support. Orlando has studied all over the world and is specialized in ecological and sustainable architecture.

You are not required to build on your property. You can retain the property as a pure investment, as a recreational property to use while visiting Gavilan or to grow your own wine or your own olive orchard.

The vineyard or orchard can be a great yearly income justifying the added expense of planting. At the same time down the road if you decide to built later you can enjoy an already establishes vineyard or orchard giving you full advantages of the matured plants.

Your purchase of a Gavilan Estate includes affiliation with Gavilan Vineyards. Gavilan’s 40-year old vines on 110 acres are tended to by the expert staff of Gavilan. Through a maintenance program the same staff will cater to your own vineyard and maintain it with our own equipment. There is no easier way to own a vineyard.

To ensure the highest standard of living and to maintain future value for our Estate owners we will contract purchasers to adhere to some restrictions with regard to construction on, and use of the property. A full copy of our contract is available on request.


The location of Gavilan Wine Estates is very popular with tourists both from within Argentina and from overseas. So, if you want to construct a villa but do not want to live there full time, there is the option to offer it as a vacation rental. This region has two tourist seasons, the summer when vacationers flock to the area to enjoy the stunning natural beauty and outdoor activities and the winter when the skiers arrive in droves to enjoy world class slopes at Las Leñas.

We are convinced that there has never been a better time to buy into in a dream lifestyle that also offers some great investment opportunities.

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