GAVILAN FINANCING is a flexible in-house financing offer for Estate owners. Financing your Wine Estates is as easy as picking the plan that suits your vineyard purchase best. Some of the short-term-plans of the GAVILAN FINANCING even have cash-discounts calculated into the original purchase price. Variable interest rates based on the length of the financing selected gives you competitive rates.

Personal plans with higher deposits can be offered through the office. Please contact us for your personal quote.

Some highlights of the GAVILAN FINANCING:

– No background checks
– No bank qualifying
– No bank fees or brokerage fees
– Everybody gets approved
– Easy US$10,000 down payment
– Terms from 1-year to 5-years
– Monthly payments made to US account in US Dollars or European account in EURO.
– Full property transfer.


Just like a bank mortgage you become the owner of the Wine Estate with all rights and title to the land. A mortgage is recorded in the Hall of Records with details about the terms of the mortgage you selected.

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.