Gavilan Wine Estate #5 (resale)

The first vineyard is coming up for resale from a Canadian based owner. This property has been planted 100% and is coming into production with its first harvest expect in March 2020.  The property has been planted with 60 rows of vineyard of which 25 are “Tempranillo”, a Spanish varietal and the remaining 35 Cabernet Sauvignon.

While the Tempranillo may take another year or two to come into production the Cabernet is about the reach maturity.
With a plant spacing of 1.4m (5 feet) this vineyard is ideal to produce premium grapes for a premium wine production. No chemical fertilizers have been used on this vineyard allowing for later “organic” certification if desired.

Projected production of the Cabernet vineyard is up to 14,000Kilo at maturity and on the Tempranillo vineyard up to 10,000 Kilo upon maturity. It takes about 1.1 Kilo to make one bottle of wine.

This vineyard is 2ha (5 Acres) in size with full watering rights and is located facing west with unobstructed views to the Andes mountains.

The property is ideal for full production but can also accommodate a house. There are excellent architects who can design a house into the existing vineyard taking advantage of the views. The owner elected to leave a portion of the property with a large mature tree, which makes a great building site.

This property is offered for US$90,000 by our client as cash-only deal and has been discounted for a quick resale. Transfer costs are about US$5,000 for this property.

Yearly maintenance is approximately US$3,500.

Current pictures were taken in the last months during winter showing Cabernet vineyards (red headpost marking) and Tempranillo (yellow headpost marking). There are some rows with a maturing Tempranillo and some newly planted rows as well.